"Thank you very much for following up on my progress.

I feel that my hair has improved with the tablets however, my main problem is that my hair is falling out due to stress issues rather than the appearance of my hair.

Stress is also the reason for my 'bad' diet!"

Gail P.

"The product is good and I will purchase more using the promocode you gave, it makes my hair shinier now and stronger. Thank you"

Julie fe V.

"I have notice a difference in my hair. I don't seem to have as much hair loss because of breakages and am hoping that with a further 2 months I will have even better results."

Marjorie S.

"Just want to let you know that I have noticed an improvement with my hair. I have been taking the tablets now for a month and my hair certainly feels a lot healthier. I also have noticed that I'm not loosing as much hair. It also seems to have grown more quickly in this past month. I have already put in an order for the 2 months offer, thanks."

Ruth A.

"Yes, I have just finished the trial of Hair Nutrition- I am noticing less fall out & hopefully what I can see as a few new 'shoots' of hair-but not too sure as this is probably too soon ! I do feel good on the product & my skin is looking good too.

I will definately carry on with it as I need to trial it for a good 4 months-I think- a whole cycle of new hair growth - I'm very positive & just hope it lives up to my expectation.Thank You ."

Vanessa W.

"I have been taking the tablets every day without fail and I really do think my hair has improved and I notice I am losing less strands when I wash and brush my hair.

I have always been conscious of the noticeable thinness in my hair where I have my part and it does seem less obvious now. Thanks again."

Joanne T.

"i noticed after the first few days that my hair felt softer. i cant say that it is shiner but i can say that my partner commented that he wasnt picking up so many hairs off the couch. i have a big problem with my hair falling out. it certainly has grown and it does seem to be stronger and although i am still loosing hair when i first comb it i dont seem to have huge problem of hair all over my clothes from falling out. i intend to take up the 2 month special offer and continue with the course and see what the results are after three months."

Claire C.

"I am very happy with the results of hair nutrition, there seems to be a lot less hair falling out, and not as much breakage, so I will continue with the product and order again at end of August."

Yvonne R.

"I have tried your wonderful product – Hairdresser's Formula over the past five months – just fantastic. My hair is just what the packet states, thicker, stronger and fast growing. I recommend this product to others that I am in contact with. Thank you again."


"I've been using 'hair nutrition for men for past 3 months in conjunction with a hair thinning shampoo/conditioner. I've noticed a considerable difference with my hair & it meets all the attributes described. My hair is growing quicker, thicker & alot more shiner. Thank you for developing this product, it's a credit to your company."

Luke S., Cammeray

"I don't know normally do this type of thing but i felt the need to congratulate your company for Hair Nutrition for Men. I have used it for the last month and already seeing all the results. It's great value for money and I will recommend this product to all my friends facing challenges in the hair department. Thank you and I wish you every success in the future."

Hank M.

"After nearly six months in and out of hospital my hair started to thin in patches and fall out. I tried your product and have just finished my first month. My hair is growing back and has started to thicken. Thank you for a great product, I have just bought my next months supply."

Christina B.